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New characters - Update rant!

Not ludia releasing new characters and counterparts and me sitting over here not being able to match with Franz as he keeps getting locked.

There are so many stories unfinished, so many matches gone to offline heaven that honestly I would prefer to see some of these back than a new character.

Also the new update is meh… (in my opinion), why give us the option to choose interests and only allow 5? Matches have more than that.

Also the new photo album? Lol, I won’t even go through it now, because running the risk of accidentally tapping to unblur a photo and waste 300 gems is way to high!


What’s the new match? Idk if they’ve added someone since Franz. I keep leaving Hugo at the top of my deck since I wanna rematch with him once I get more gems

From what I ve seen in reddit looks like a mer person.
Oh be careful with that, I was keeping Brett on top of the deck to match as soon as he released, and when that happened I got the lovely oops out of profile’s thing and then it took about 2 weeks before he became available again, but it might be different for already released characters.

I’m all for new characters, but the more new characters they add without finishing existing characters’ stories is getting more and more frustrating. :grimacing::triumph::angry:
It’s like they’ve forgotten about the characters THEY created. Almost like they’ve been snapped out of existence by Thanos.