New Cheat


I have noticed that on my last few battles when my opponent and I have killed two creatures a peice that if I get the last blow that could win the round, suddenly my options for which ability I want to use goes blank and I am forced to give up my turn so my opponent can give the final and winning blow. This has happened in my last three battles. Has anyone else noticed this?


Looks like stunned or slowed down by speed up or decreasing speed attack


Nope that’s not it. I have not been stunned. There is no end turn option. My options just aren’t there. I’m not able to select anything. And the creatures being used at the time by my opponent don’t even have the stun ability.


I should describe the the options are gone. They are not grayed out. It’s like they have been removed from the game. First time it happened I thought it was a glitch. When it happened three times in a row and all on the deciding blow I knew it was more than a glitch.


I think it’s because the internet fell away for a short time


Not a cheater but a glitch! It has happened to me and believe it or not your options are still there if you tap the screen in the area of your moves


I had something similar today. I played Dino played best skill. Then instead it played lowest skill. After that the screen was a mess. Icons weren’t working or appropriate. I closed the game and re-ran. To find it was last round actually narrowly won.

Internet problems was my guess.


Screen shot it next time, then put in a ticket… they can’t do anything to give you back a perceived victory, but it might help them track down the bug, if it is a bug.

If it is a connection issue, I try to only battle on a secure connection, either wifi, or where I know my signal is strong. I live rural, so just outside of my house is really bad connection, so I battle at work (strong wifi) or at home (strong wifi).


I have had at least 70% the same issues but the one that upsets me the worst is they (seriously steal my turn,) some how. I’ll pick my move then on my turn, something
Happens then its there turn instantly killing my level 17 in one hit with a non one hit level 13


That would drive me nuts. I hope it gets worked out for ya.


It happen to me, but I thought it was because I was tire that my vision was playing tricks.


Nope I’ve lost alot like that !!! Came down to the last hit and bam lost my turn and they strike me and I lost.


Yes, I have had the buttons disappearing few times to me and I can confirm (based on my experience) that this is due to lost connection/poor bandwidth issue.
To confirm, a couple of times this happened I had received mobile message “No Internet” or wifi strength being poor and mobile trying to switch between wifi/mobile data. Further, if the Internet connection comes back, the buttons do re-appear and I was able to continue the matches.

As for the opponents being faster than they should, there are now dinosaurs with Insta charge, bellow, cloak, other moves that allow them act first even if their speed is slower.
Then, when you use Thagomizer/superiority strike or other speed decreasing moves, I have seen the app initially showing speed comparison incorrectly but switching to correct speed when you perform the action.
Also, I think if you swap-out a dinosaur affected by a speed reduction move (e.g.: Velociraptor affected by Thagomizer) and then want to swap-in back during future moves, the system shows it as slower. I have not confirmed if the speed is actually still reduced or it is just a visual glitch.


Yes, this happens to me.


It IS a glitch. Glitches can happen repeatedly. You’re confusing “glitch” with “fluke” (a one-time thing).


I did have something happen where after my dino was knocked out, I selected one that had the speed indicator that it was faster, then when it came time to take my turn, the other dino went first…

I think it might have been the timing… my dino may have been knocked out on the last round a slowing move was in effect, so at the time my dino was selected he was faster because the other one was being slowed… after the dino entered, and the next turn was started, the effect may have worn off and the other dino was faster.