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New CHEER UP system

Consider my new system along add watching. Cheer up allows to alliance members to help speed up incubators.


I wouldn’t call it Cheer Up, as you don’t really make the incubators happy. Maybe Research? I love the idea, just giving different name suggestions. Plus I would have it be slightly different than the dna. Have it immediately speed up the incubator by x amount of time, but still keep a cooldown for requesting help on incubators.


Also I would have different level incubators have different speed ups. Normal rare is 6 minutes a person, Normal gold is 12 minutes, Mega rare is 24 minutes, and Mega gold is 36. Now, that sounds nuts, but this is 1 hour for n. rare, 2 hours for n. gold, 4 hours for the m. rare, and 6 for the m. gold.

Yes, 10x cheer ups could be like 30% of incubator time so:

  • 1hr speeding of 3h incubator
  • 2,5hr speeding of 8h incubator
  • 7hrs speeding of 24h incubator

Cheer up could be renamed anyhow (like “Speed up” etc). Doesnt matter.

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