they are visible on the map. let’s go hunting!!!


Please post when you find one can’t see any from my location. Also post where you found it like in a park or by a certain store.


It’s the middle of the night ??? Way to go Ludia, special event, only between 11pm and 5am… slowly claps


It’s day in some other places in the world…


there are 3 right by my house, not parks at all. just random supply drops.


11:25 am here in Brazil


3:30 pm in UK (20 chars)


Lucky ducks. Wish I could send you my limit too !!! Happy hunting.


The loot chest has all despawned off the map for me after hitting it once :man_shrugging:t3: I’m cursed


That happened to me got one, there were 4 more in sight. Clicked it and the rest disappeared…


I was lucky. One appeared on top of my house! Only got 2300 though from it.


Tbh, they should add more time window for this event since not everyone can participate this event japan right now 12pm-6am everyone are sleeping


Same for me, but after my second chest.


Clicked it, got 2300… the rest of the chest disappeared and hit daily limit…

Ludia take take take and give very little back


I retract my comment. There’s a lot of confusion over what is happening with the chests. It’s at least a 24hr event with the chests moving around every 6hrs……


I found 2 chests this morning and then 2 more a few hours later. It’s been a couple hours since I’ve seen one and I’ve been driving around at work since 945am through multiple cities. I have no clue what’s going on with the chests this time. Maybe 2 at a time every few hours?


I got woken up by notifications. Got up, cursed, and went back to bed


In my case, they all vanished one hour ahead of the info screen time. Now, (10pm locally), one has appeared in a kinda “rough” area of my neighborhood. Random generators on caffeine or what?


We are all getting crazy, previously I told that was a really bad idea to put treasure chest by interval, now this is awesomely sick , if this game could keep going like this, that would be soo good :+1:


I don’t get anything about this chest event. Ok, now they are separated to 5h periods. But in one period (I checked remaining time) I collected a chest and another disappeared. But further at the same period I found 3 more. And again, when I collected one, others turned in simple SD.

How does it work now??