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New clan "Dragon Arcana" looking for members

Dragon Arcana is a clan that looks for social members and active players to help us defeat alphas. We are trying to make a friendly clan in which you can make new friends from all over the world and have fun playing the game. And the level you are is not important as long as you are active.

If you want to join a friendly community leave you in game name and you’ll be added :smiley:

Good luck​:heart:! Hope you succeed! :slight_smile:

My clan is for new players and it isnt popular😒!
Everyone is looking for clan with powerful members and high level alpha chest. No one cares for the small and the new clans😪!

Yeah I know that but there are new people that are joining the game so they’ll need to star with some clans that don’t require a lot of power and high levels and with that they vam grow alongside the clan.


If you’re looking to start up a casual clan I’d suggest making the clan “public” when you first create it, that way its a lot easier for people to join and you’re more likely to get full :slight_smile: Of course there unfortunately isn’t a way to change this setting after the clan’s creation.

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It is on public. When I made it I wanted people to be able to join no matter who they are or how much power they have so it’s public and opened for everyone

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No one joins clans with less than 15 members. Once you get that amount, people will join.

You and @CovalTheShort should discuss a merge

How much members does your clan have? I wouldn’t mind the merge

For now we are 2 members😪

I have one idea! The other guy in my clan is my friend. The plan is: he will leave the clan and tell me the ID if the players who are 2 or 3 in clan!
I will send them request! We will search members in every clan we know! Try the same think! It may work! Good luck!

A lot of it has to do with attitude too.

You have the right idea, though! There are people out there still starting small and they can’t get into bigger clans with higher level chests because of restrictions. They need a place to start, and some want even just a clan to grow with entirely. It’s a tempting offer to those that want that. So to say that no one cares for the small clans just starting out just isn’t true.

It’s going to take longer than a few days, I think, since clans have been out for a while and some big names have been established. I’m not any sort of expert on it, I just think it might be best to do what the others have been saying since they have far more experience, and it all sounds like very solid, reasonable advice. Keep at it, consider merging, be vocal on more than one channel, give good information on the details of your clans, etc.

And at the end of the day, it seems like sometimes it will just end up being a bit of a waiting game. I’m sure it will work out and you guys will succeed. Good luck!

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@Maja_Mladenovic could give you their info. Players dont see in invites while in clan. She can direct them to join your clan or you and your friend can join madas.

Keep looking for recruits and merge possibilities here, facebook and discord

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You guys should involve social media. Forums aren’t enough, merge or not.