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New Clan recruitment (Brave Dragons Fighters)


Looking for very active members, I was on a clan, but few people playing never past a 3 star alpha, so I quit and create my own clan, I am very active currently at 4580 battle.points.
Looking for players with at least 4000 battle.points, I speak English and Spanish


How many you got in your clan right now?


It was only me, but I decided to eliminate the clan


I have Sky Terrors, I’m active on the Alpha Battles. Looking for players who will battle the alphas.


I think that was an unwise decision. Unless you had a better clan to go to?


Sons of Odin is recruiting BP4000+ players. We are full at the moment but if you would like I can kick some inactive players to make space. We need you to help us bring down the 900k HP alpha.


I found a very active clan, so I am good for now


Okay then :smiley:


when you’re done, we melt alpha 900k in 5 hours, just one slot open