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New Clash of Titans

The new Clash of Titans vote was cringe for myself.

Banana Fishy (Just got)

Deinocheirus (Had for a while)

Kekekeke Birdy (What I voted for since it’s the only one I don’t have unlocked, but know a bunch of folks on here have quite a few)

So all in all sort of meh. Though I appreciate it for anyone else looking for that unlock.

Curious about everyone’s thoughts.

Bananogmius, Deinocheirus, Kelenken, what was your pick?


Despite moaning about so many birds I don’t have it unlocked so if I was going to vote I would vote for it. Cba to vote though.

I went with the fish. I’ve got them all unlocked, as does my son, so I went with copies needed. The new Allonogmius means I need many copies of Bananogmius.

If the Jurassic bias we saw in the previous poll continues, we should expect to be battling for Deinocherius in a month.


I think I voted for the chicken. (Or maybe the fish) I can’t even remember. Am I the only one that needs Psephoderma? I can’t get that blasted turtle for anything. :roll_eyes:

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I know I’m lacking some turtle, might be him. lol

I also have all 3 of these creatures, and I have them unlocked. Keleken might not be, but I already have so many of them that arent incubated yet. Disappointing, but hopefully the next one will have more unique options.

I also went for the fish, just so I can have a better chance of free ones for the hybrid.

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I voted for the banana fish because I’ve already unlocked the bird and the jurassic can be unlocked via battle. I bet the jurassic wins again.
All I want is a tournament amphibian though. I have NONE!