New color of stops bad for colorblind players


First of all i really like the new update! Great work!

The only negativ i’ve found so far are the colors of the new stops. I am colorblind and i hardly see any difference between normal stops and event stops. Before the update it was easy to distiguish them but now they look almost the same to me. I wish there would be a colorblind mode in the game or simply an option to choose the old colors. What do other people ( especially other colorblind people) think about that?


I am also colourblind. And I have to agree with you. This needs amending ASAP pls


I’m not color blind but replying here to give this thread visibility. If the new color is making it difficult for you to play, it should be changed ASAP, like, a patch should be made no later than tomorrow!

Also as a side note and not as important as breaking the game for color blind people, but orange is the color of epic spawns. With orange Supply Drops, epic spawns don’t draw as much attention as they should.


I’m not color blind and this is nitpicking, but it was difficult to determine different types while I was out hunting last night. The map skins look gorgeous but it would be cool to have an option to turn them off in settings.


Totally agree, even because now dinos seem to spawn really close to the supply drops…

I currently used to increase the brightness of my cellphone to see things better, but this costs me half of my cell battery for two hours of gaming :roll_eyes:


I always think I’m seeing epic dinos in the corners of the map because of the new color of supply drops