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New concept for tournaments

Other than skill and advanced,
Let’s have a “(you fill in a better word for me)” tournament, where the team level is set to be all 30 and given max amount of boosts. Hence players are free to distribute whichever way they desire to(within the rule of SB 2.0).

How does it sound?

  • Yes, more controllability and versatility.
  • No, since when do we enjoy complexity.
  • #GetBoostOutLudy

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Get rid of boosts!

but in all seriousness, i like the concept. perfect for playing around with creature builds.

Only one real option for me in that poll =)

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Really? Even if the boosts are given?

Yeah because then playera will just max boost the usual suspects and unbalance the match.

Well in a way you can even that out with your own unbalanced units.

I preferred the old way coz I like being able to learn what counters what, and remembering the speeds of each dino so at a glance i could look, see the dinosaur they had and know exaxtlt what to bring out.

Then they added 180 speed Thors =/

Some dinos are to be completely different when given boosts, while I agree thor and other swap-in attacked individuals are turdsticks that deserve to get special treatment, like ban from using.
But besides those, I’m hopeful to see more entertainment and challenges on top of the same old theme that’s been non stop repeating.

I like the idea. And this could also give players something to strive for and to know what the potential is for every creature

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I’d pay an entry fee to do this.
It would help plan boosting and reduce mistakes on the real team as well.
Would love to run a all T20 Damage team… just because :slight_smile:


I like it because people will build things differently. So you might see the same creatures with completely different builds. That would keep me on my toes in battle and really help figure out what best counters certain builds of certain creatures.


For me it’s a simple get boosts out of the game, which I know isn’t going to happen.

I’d love a tournament which allows us to use our dinos at the level we have them at ‘without boosts’ though.

An unboosted arena would also be amazing, but having the odd tournament allowing us to battle with our hard earned levelled dinos would be a nice treat.

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Based on the poll I voted to remove boosts. But in regards to the concept I like the idea since it’s essentially an even playing field but allows for customization for everyone and to see max levels in action. However this is conditional on speed ties being done away with to RNG based. Only then will I compete in tournaments as I’m in Australia I lose majority of my speed ties.