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New consumables

Got a suggestion for more than just lures in our backpacks. How about an enhanced drone scope, making the bullseye bigger for some time? It would really help with some of those dodgy dinos ^^ Throwing in different types of darts would be cool, like a tranquilizer that stops the dino for a time or slows it back down


I was only thinking the other day that drone upgrades would be a nice addition to the game. Great minds think alike. :grin:

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Yeah my friend, dino darting is such an integral part of this game so it would make sense to upgrade that experience, its pretty barebones as it is

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my suggestion is to think very , very carefully , remember what drone upgrade means to Ludia ….

Fast moving dinos are easy to dart, don’t make them slow. I find hard to dart Purrusaurus (both G1 and G2), but I can dart Vraptor, Dilopho (G1 and G2), Monolo (epic) easily. Those with swinging tails are difficult too, such as T-rex, Spino G2, they should be frozen when being darted.

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Do you mean the changes to the drag speed? I actually prefer it now since I suchomimus became much easier to dart and he’s absolutely everywhere plus suchotator is an absolute beast

Yes those freakin tail waggers, that’s what I meant by dodgy dinos ^^

its not the movement speed in my opinion is the fluidity of their gait. Clunky gaits throw me like tarbo.

Now I think that T-rex, Spino G2, Triceratops, Tarbosaurus are difficult to dart due to their movements.
The raptos and the -suchus (e.g. Kapro, Posto) are easy.