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New Content. Plz Ludia

I’m part of a group consisting of 5 guilds. Our biggest problem right now is with players becoming burned out on this endless grind.

You seem to have plenty of time to create new characters, weapons, gear, SilverHands. But you can’t make a new dungeon? Or give higher level players the option to play back through the old dungeons at twice the difficulty? Something new to do…

We have players quitting left and right because they are bored and frustrated with not being able to progress .
After you’ve run those same 6 dungeons with the exact same monsters over and over thousands upon thousands of times, and then have to see the exact same monsters in Rally and Raid. You want to scream…


I agree they need new/more PvE challenge rooms and events. It has been over a year since anything has been added.

However, as I have already been threatened today in another thread for suggesting something similar, l leave it to others to support @PrestonSJ’s wise analysis.


Dont bother complaining about this. The apps dead, there wont be any new content.


Agreed. So much boredom right now.


I’ve been tired for a long time.


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2 years ago before the game was even announced, there was a teaser that eventually the Undermountain megadungeon would be featured in the game.

I mean Durnan’s Yawning Portal Inn is the site of its entrance!

So there is massive scope here using the lore of Waterdeep to produce potentially multiple sets of dungeons in an expansion as part of an Undermountain set as it spans multiple levels and themes.

Wouldn’t hold my breathe, but there’s potential.