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New content suggestions

Hey everyone! Just had some ideas for future content and wanted to relay them here, incase anyone was interested in hearing them :slight_smile:

The biggest thing we need in TU (imo) is this:

  1. Some type type of stat enhancement system. We eventually are going to have people with the best dragon teams with the exact same stats playing the RNG game against each other in arena. Here is what I suggest…

Some kind of item, set of items (with bonuses) or attachment (something dragon appropriate like a jewel or orb or something). This item gives a specific stat boost and you obtain the item by completing a level or set of levels can be anything really. The stat boost is RNG but maybe you can reroll it a limited time per month. Idk, just brainstorming here but we need something to differentiate my 5* sawmaw from someone else’s 5* sawmaw. Really important to make it not purely RNG because people will feel like they put in a lot of time towards it for no progression. An idea for that is Just a simple reset that we get like once per month or something that gives us some type of gauranteed way to make our best “gem” or “enhancement” slightly better

Here are some other things I thought about!

  1. Change spirit speed to fast, moderate, and slow. Very fast dragons are too powerful and very slow to slow arent powerful enough. Also makes it more simple. Give slow dragons higher base stats to compensate (include the speed in your total power algorithm).

  2. Add obstacles to the gem board, instead of making the hardest levels of campaign a team full of sawmaws make obstacles. Example: In coldwind wastes every 3 turns one side of the board freezes up making it to where you can only use one side. Idk be creative!

  3. Make the holiday dragon “skins” instead of actual dragons… you are basically giving everyone in flight club 3 copies so it’s easy to make that your best dragon especially when you are just starting. I think it would make more sense to take on the level of your main dragon (ex: you need a regular meatlug to use the thanksgiving meatlug skin etc…). You can still make the “skin“ change the regular dragons stats/color/abilities. This way you all don’t feel like you HAVE to make 3 copies available to everyone it can just be one long event to get ONE skin. This also agrees with the only being able to use one dragon of that type at a time!

  4. Guild wars, I know this is probably coming eventually but that would be awesome

  5. Add a replay or next level button… save us a headache on repeatable quests. Oh, and a skip button when we hatch more than one egg or claim a alpha or duty chest please. We have opened a duty chest enough times to know whats in it

  6. A friend list! Let us visit our friends islands and customize our own. Why not?? Give us something to spend coins on :).

  7. More space. Give us a sheep storage or something, I am constantly having to waste 3* sheep because I don’t have a dragon I want to use it on at that moment

Just thoughts… thanks for reading :smile:


Spirit speeds are fine right now. Maybe change them to mix up the meta. I was thinking about guild wars the other day as well. Perhaps an auto battle for the repeatable quest so you don’t have to go into battle and you can just collect rewards. We kind of got skins already, they just come with different stats which is fine. We really just need more variety of dragons if anything so everyone’s not going for the same team.


Oh yes, the skip button, I hatch like 15 dragons at a time

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2 breeding pots!!!

Some spirit speeds are fine but I think very slow dragons are especially bad

I like most if not all your ideas, I also have some suggestions that I said before but because nothing has been said about them, im going to mention them again:
1- we select the dragons we want to fly around our Berk, just for fun.
2- what everyone wants, a way to see how many 3* scales we have. The only way to do that is only if you have a 5* dragon at 4*, it shows you how many 3* scales you have (depends on the color of the dragon) in the conditions.
3-To be able to see how much damage we have dealt so far in the middle of an alpha battle.
4-trading dragons between members of the clans, and the co-leader feature.


Those are all really awesome minor changes too! Definitely a lot to look forward to. Although I do not like the idea of trading… that creates problems because people find ways to exploit

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Hey Spires9, thanks for sharing this with us. :slight_smile:


Clan wars can be so interesting

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For sure! Thanks for taking the time to read :laughing:

@Ned I also would like to make a suggestion. Could the backfire damage from alphas be displayed in a different color than the dmg done from tiles? So that people would realise it comes from a different source and making it more easy to spot (cuz now it takes place just before the tile damage and may get hidden away because of it).

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Dragons like searing seethsizzle and son of skullcrusher would need very fast spirit speed to be as good as others in quest and arena. And dragons like murklurker would be op if not very slow. Some dragons are having too fast or too slow spirit, but I still think it necessary to make some dragons very fast or very slow.

I also like the idea of using them as skins. Instead of having 2 of the same (and not being able to use them together), it would be better to select the dragon of choice and either swipe or click to which “skin” you’d like and the power, color, and attacks would adjust accordingly. Makes more sense that way. :+1:t3:

Yeah and also wouldn’t take up inventory space :blush:

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We definitely need more space :grin: