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New Content/suggestions

Hey! I’ve been playing beta for a while now, and although I love the game, I currently have all of the in-game content that isn’t premium (purchased with gems). I hope to see some new content soon! As for suggestions for existing content, I think the newly added costumes/versions of characters are insanely priced. 11,000 for each when gem tasks payout 15-20 per task. I haven’t spent any of my gems since I started playing and have almost 3,000. It would be nice to see the prices possibly lowered for them :slight_smile: Also would be nice to see the Beast get his human form as a costume/version as well as Jasmine’s red outfit.

Hey @stroud1492,

Welcome to the forum community!
Thank you for your feedback about the versions and gems.
We’ll share them with our dev team. :slight_smile: