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New CoT survey for Aug '20

I voted for the reef. I need reefs. I’m sure it will lose to the Jurassic thoug.



Vote for Umoona as well, i am keeping my fingers crossed that people realize the other 2 have unlock events much more often.

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My lineup choice is Eryops (Amphi), but I’d be very happy with Luna too (I made Umoonasaurus’ nickname as “Luna” because of the moon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) … I haven’t voted yet.

I am more likely to vote for Darwin or Eryops so since I have like 7 good reefs waiting to be hatched in my market.

Voted Eryops. I’m fine with everything.

I’m typically all about the jurassics but since i already have Darwin and Eryops is about the most undesirable amphib for me i may actually vote for the aquatic

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Last Umoon unlock event was back in 9/2/2019. Almost a year

Last Eryops unlock was back in 10/14/2019.

Both of these have never had a CoT before.

We had Darwinopterus as CoT 2 months ago. I’m fine with Umoon or Eryops.

I’m voting Eryops.

Vote Umoon. I am lacking strong reef creatures. The only good one I have is Henodus.

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Plus eryops and darwin have unlocks quite often, umoona had only one unlock since i have started playing about 2 years ago

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Not really? Darwin had a CoT 2 months ago. Both Eryops and Umoon had no unlock this year.

I think Eerie Boi (instantly-made nickname for Eryops) will win this one. We’ve seen this before, it’ll happen again.

Eryops hasn’t had one in a while.
I’m voting for him since I have barely any Amphibians.

Especially considering there are just 3 Amphis and 3 Birdies, compared to the massive quantity of Carnis and Herbis.

Amphibians are a nessecity…nothing better than taking out a monster like Yudon with something middling like a Nundasuchus. Kind of like a Pichu steamrolling a Blastoise.


Pachygalosaurus struggling to take out an Eryops. Something to laugh about.

I like all of the complaining of lack of Amph and Birds…

Check out Aquatic, an even BIGGER lack of reefs!

Like a hole big enough to push the moon through.


The MOON… you mean uMOONasaurus? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That made me laugh so hard :joy:

Jurassic…used very often every day.

Aquatic…not so much. 1 good reef is enough, just get duplicates of it.