New CoT survey

Which is preferred? I have them all unlocked (which I’m sure many of the older players here do also).


I do have the secodonto. I voted for the Tupax. Because i am far behind that aquatic lvl. Still prioritising Jurassic. But i would not mind the bananogimus as well.


tupuxuara for me

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As I too have all three unlocked, my vote will be decided by the poll…

  • Secodontosaurus
  • Bananogmius
  • Tupuxuara

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I’m hoping for tupuxuara, since I have the other two unlocked.


Bananogmius last had a tournament 1/17/2022; it was featured as in a CoT in April 2020. It has a Carnivore hybrid.

Tupuxuara last had a tournament 4/29/2019; it was featured in CoT in November 2020. It does not currently have a hybrid.

Secondontosaurus last had a tournament 11/1/2021; it was featured in CoT in May 2021. Rumor suggests it is getting a Pterosaur hybrid at some point.

Hope that helps guide some thinking


I have voted fot Tupuxuara, hopefully this guy gets new tournaments

Thanks @Andy_wan_kenobi , I voted for Tupuxuara.


Tupax won :smiley: But it was a close one. Source is Facebook.


Finally something different! Secodontosaurus would be good because of new hybrid coming. I didn’t have tupuxara unlocked. Great! :tada:


I voted for banana fish

Yay, Tupuxuara won the C.o.T vote battle.

afraid just in forum… another wasted cot coming :sleepy:

Why is tupuxuara wasted? I was hoping for tupuxuara. :grinning:


I agree with @Elin_Ronne here. This is one time I’m surprised the forums vote actually won. Tupuxuara was the longest without an unlock.

It won vs a fish with a hybrid and vs a Carnivore. I’m very surprised, but also happy since most newer players don’t have that unlock yet. The votes almost never follow the logic that the forum members use to vote. It’s usually Carnivore all the way.


Yeah, me too… Aquatics tend to get better trade value.

But I could’ve used an extra Secodontosaurus for the new hybrid too… I’ve already got one maxed, but only an extra 4 of 8 for the second one after fusing for its new hybrid.

Tupuxuara is the least valuable of the three to me, but it’s whatever… I’m sure it’ll trade out just fine for some DNA.

I voted seco because it’s the only one I don’t have unlocked but I’m fine with tupux

@Elin_Ronne @Bandeezee I am sorry for my own missunderstanding i didnt noticed, that segno has one more week and I also badly read “secodontosaur” insteat of segnosaur :joy: i am happy tupux won i woted for him a need him actually :joy:


Let’s see if he wins another C.o.T vote battle.