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New Counter Attack

So I thought of a counter-attack that could buff damage. Not much, maybe 25%? It would need to go on a creature with a low or medium base attack, good hp, and maybe 115 speed at the most? A lot of people want new sauropods, so maybe having a new counter-attack to go with one would be a good way to define them. One could be Altasaurus. It was a relatively small dino, maybe 30 feet tall at most, and 20 feet long, with a Brachiosaurus body.
Rarity: Rare or Epic
HP: 4000
Attack: 1000
Speed: 112
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 10%
Superiority Strike
Shielding Impact
Shield Shattering Rampage (doesn’t pierce armor, just shields)
Buffing Counter
75% Deceleration Resistance
100% Critical Reduction Resistance
So what do y’all think? Hope you like it!

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It would only have 3 moves as a nonhybrid. Very nice moveset. Bleeders and stunners kill it but it does good damage output

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Maybe no taunt impact and have a nulify impact(so they dont need a completly new effecg that doesnt ho through armor)

Ok. Maybe take away the taunting impact, but Nullifying Rampage has a 2 turn cooldown, and I along with many people want a just shield shattering move, so maybe having smaller sauropods come in with this new mechanic would help a little bit. I’ll edit the dino moves after this comment.

Do you think it should have resistances? Maybe a 75% Deceleration resistance and a Critical reduction Immunity?

Null rampage is a risky move for a creature, as it needs to have some survivability to outlast the 2 turn cooldown. maybe put something like dig in on it, so now it can take advantage of the attack buff and regen even more hp

So would I replace Shielding impact or just give Dig In to Alta? I can work with both, but I still want it to be viable without being op, which is why I chose not to have resilient strike on it.