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New Creature a tank Boa. What do you think about that?



seems very dangerous to fight maybe give it less resistances and nerf resilient rampage to an impact, other than that good hybrid.

I like the idea of a tanky boa. However, it needs some adjustments. The first thing to do is to remove exposing counter. Then reduce amour to 40 or 30 percent. The health should be increased to 4500 health. The speed decrease and vulnerability immunity should be decreased to 50 percent because it has a lot of immunities.

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Ankyloboa would be a cooler name.

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that sounds like a boa+ regular anky, maybe ankyntroboa? I’m not too creative with names if you couldn’t tell lol

I get that but Ankyloboa gets the idea across a little better I think.

Trying to think what it would look like and I get the idea of a giant cobra but the hood is armoured and she has a tail club.


I love that idea.


yeah I think so, just sounds a bit like a regular hybrid, but its probably fine
and that description sounds amazing!
I have to try & draw that later
would love to have it in game if it was like that

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cool and I just wasted all my Titanoboa dna on Spinoconstrictor :c

Heres my concept art!
So yeah, a armored hooded snek like a cobra but with a club
The idea and concept art kinda reminds me of a warbat from GvK, and so I’d love to have this kaiju snek in game like this!
I’d love if it where implemented this way, but is it maybe possible to have it be like a boa gen 2 OR a giganthophis + alankylosaurus? I think that would maybe make some sense, may even result in it looking a bit more like a warbat since it will still have armor and maybe a hood but it may also have the giant fangs and it won’t have a club. Though its just a thought, since I would love to have this beast on my team! :arrow_down:
Spoilers if u haven’t seen the trailer or movie ahead!
trailer spoiler:


Movie spoiler:



That looks awesome. Great design.

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I kind of want to touch it :open_mouth:

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