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New creature and class

I was thinking the other day, it would be pretty cool if titanoboa made an appearance in the game. Also I thought it would be interesting to add a new class of dinos into the game: swimmers. It would also add a new arena I’m sure. It would kinda be like Pokémon where in battle if it’s a water pokemon in battle it would make its swimming motions floating in air. I feel like that would work for this game too.

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I dont like the idea of aquatics or cenezoics.
This is jurassic world alive.
It’s based around the movie and has some extra dinos.

I’m the same as baryonix. I feel like adding cenazonics or aquatics would just be too much…

So was jurrasic world the game based on the movie and they added water dinos and iceage mammals.

It’s likely this game will at least have water dinos…

And Jurassic World The Game is dying because of the Fluffy Trash.

Titanoboa is OK.
Aquatic reptiles and amphibians are OK.
Megalania, Purrusaurus and other Cenozoic reptiles are OK.
Terror birds are OK (birds are dinosaurs).

Mammals can kindly go to the trash, where they belong, though.

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Mosasaurus is a huge part of both World movies and is mandatory, just like Pteranodon.

Every other reptile is up to debate for me.

Fluffy Trash Cenozoic mammals are HELL NO, though.

But I want a puddy cat!!

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more creature classes= more battle arenas, more daily missions I presume, etc.

Tbh, we have them in other games and the dinosaurs are usually top. Like, JWTG for example;

There’s plenty of dinos they are WAY better than the best cenozonics.

All I’m saying.

Don’t think that aquatic creatures really fit in this game. Water creatures can’t survive on dry land. How they could battle in arena?




They could simply implement that, where the creature enters the arena, part of it gets flooded. Then it snaps its head out of the water to reveal itself.

Then, it plays like normal battle, just instead of a dinosaur, you would have like this Mosasaurus or Plesiosaurus half sticking out of the water, half submerged. Then they can attack out of the water or even jump out like the movie Mosasaurus vs I-Rex scene.

Think about something like this:




Exactly :slight_smile:

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Are you really discussing that water creatures wouldn’t work in a video game. with dinosaurs that battle each other in arenas. and can go evade. and use shields? :upside_down_face: