New Creature and Superhybrid

Hello! I have made 2 creatures, at @Aether_12 request. And here they are!

First is an Aquatic Creature!


Tier: Tournament Legendary
Cost: 9,000 DNA
Type: Reef


Level 10:
554 Health
386 Attack
4,703 Coins/8H
Level 20:
857 Health
643 Attack
33,572 Coins/8H
Level 30:
1302 Health
968 Damage
98,276 Coins/8H
Level 40:
1934 Health
1457 Damage
275,934 Coins/8H

And the Superhybrid is a mix between Glythronax and Ankylosaurus sDna!


Tier: Tournament Superhybrid
Cost: 4,500 Ankylosaurus sDna to unlock
2,250 Ankylosaurus sDna to buy
Type: Carnivore


Level 10:
7,559 Health
2,074 Damage
50,493 Coins/4H
Level 20:
9,834 Health
2,868 Damage
102,356 Coins/4H
Level 30:
12,072 Health
3,857 Damage
207,920 Coins/4H
Level 40:
15,061 Health
4,742 Attack
450,273 Coins/4H

Edit: In all honesty, we really need more Amphibian Superhybrids. So here is one.


Tier: Legendary Superhybrid

Cost: 3,800 Stegosaurus sDna to unlock.

1,900 to buy

Type: Amphibian


Level 10:

3871 Health

1494 Damage

252,743 Coins/3H

Level 20:

4,763 Health

2,021 Damage

303,542 Coins/3H

Level 30:

6,389 Health

2,794 Damage

447,621 Coins/ 3H

Level 40:

7,653 Health

3,824 Damage

609,926 Coins/ 3H



The reef as we are lacking them the most out of all the other classes in the game, Brachauchenius was a pliosaur and looked like this…


The s hybrid was really a joint idea based off of a jwa hybrid but adding it to glythronax would make it much more desirable to obtain.

@Cheeseeater its spelt Ankylthronax btw

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Maybe make the tourney super-hybrid 3000 ankylosaurus to create and 1500 to get another

Ok. Sounds good

It has been revised

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It’s not that much more powerful than indo gen 2.

@Cheeseeater I would say change it to 2,500 sdna to unlock and 1,250 sdna per copy

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Ok. I’ve done the math. Indoraptor has around 3,000 less ferocity at level 40 than Ankylthronax. So 2,500 should be ok, at least in my head.

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And the gen 2 will only be 2k less ferocity

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All is good for this super-hybrid except one…

It is another carnivore

Yes, however I’m planning an amphibian one as well


Hope they add this amphibian one

All endgame players will love it

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It contains Koolasaurus

Ok. I’ve made an Amphibian this time.