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NEW creature ceratosaurus

New creature: Ceratosaurus:

(Last version of Ceratosaurus)
Moves:defenetive strike-defense shattering impact- long protection

Do you like it now!!

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Where is the dinosaur moves?

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There is no way ceratosaurus will be a epic if it’s going to have that bad stats, unless if you will be giving it a absolutely broken moveset.


This is a really bad epic. That’s suchomimus levels of damage

Maybe that’s the level 10 stat?

Whats with the low damage?
Here’s my version
Rarity: common
Health: 3300
Attack: 1250
Speed: 112
Critical: 20%
Armor: 0%
Moves: defence shattering strike, defense shattering rampage

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It’s already i did👍


Cleansing Strike
Long Protection
Ferocious strike

Immune to Deceleration

Precise shattering counter

4200 HP
1200 DMG
20 crit
0 armor
114 Speed

Mmmmhhhhh… No!

What about this?

Rarity: Common

Health: 3730

Damage: 1030

Speed: 106

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%


Defense Shattering Strike

Rending Takedown

What about this?

Rarity: Epic
Animations: Medium theropods (Majungasaurus)

  • Health: 3980
  • Attack: 1050
  • Speed: 103
  • Armor: 10%
  • Crit: 20%
  • Pinning strike
  • Greater stunning impact
  • Long protection
  • Precise Counter Attack

Here’s the problem with that: stunners and counter attackers never mix well because when you stun something, there is no counter attack. Also, that speed is much too low

Ceratosaurus doesn’t even have an armor. Doesn’t it?

I would have this:
Epic Ceratosaurus (raja rig)
Hp: 3500
Attack: 1000
Speed: 107
Null strike
Dig in
Instant distraction
Rending counter attack (25% one)

The deer don’t either, but they do in-game

Doesn’t the antlers act like armors?

I guess. But then the same with the rhinos. The horn on cerato. And then you have blue

There’s a reason why rhinos have armor. It’s because of their skin. There skin are so thick like a knight

True, but the same could be said about indom and its bulletproof skin. Then you have blue who has armor

I just don’t get one thing. If Blue has armor, then how come Indominus Rex gen 2 didn’t get armor as well?