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New Creature Family: Dogs/"Dogs"

This family functions the same way the one in JPB and JWTG works. I say “dogs” in quotation because most of these aren’t dogs.

Andrewsarchus (Rare)
Health: 2700
Attack: 1300
Speed: 128
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%
Definite Strike
Ferocious Strike
Defense Shattering Rampage

Hyeanodon (Epic)
Health: 2850
Attack: 1200
Speed: 129
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%
Ferocious Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage

The dogs are the fastest of attack buffers, but have no immunity because, do you REALLY wanna see more immunities? I put their health below cats because I wanted them to be tank busters, not chomper busters. Give them a break already. Anyway, what do you want to see next, and what are your thoughts on this new family? Comment below!

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I would probably swap dire wolves with andrewsarchus as, if memory serves me right, it was more like entelodon than canines. Maybe amphicyon too?

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Fun fact: Hyaenodon is actually a creodonta

Also, that attack is WAY too high. Ludia is gonna want rex to have the highest attack in the game (just like velo with speed)

How about family of bears? Make them the only Cenozoic creatures that has fully Immunity

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That’s meant to be its health, sorry. Its attack is 1300

I think the glyptodonts would be more fitting with immunity. Give the bears immunity to decel

Strange. No wonder why I give the Atlas Bear fully Immunity

I love doggies. I hope they add them. Here’s Dire Wolf:

40% Crit
0% Armor

Definite Strike
Defense Shattering Rampage

Immune to Vulnerable

I gave it immune to vulnerable bc that’s basically a worthless immunity.
Howl is basically what I call “Speed Advantage” just renamed to fit wolves.
Cleanse self Increase speed 10% for 2 turns. Nullifying Opponents Speedup effects. Reduce opponents speed 50% for 2 turns. (Does no damage)

Delay 0, Cooldown 1
Basically guarantees that you’ll be quicker than your opponent next turn

Why is this all in bold uhhhhh

Yeah. I was worried a set up Andrewsarchus would be 1-shotting maximas and mammolanias

I’d love it if they add all black dire wolf epic. And bears. Dogs and bears. Though they better add more dinos too lol.

I don’t think a dinosaur (no hybrid) that is fast has a movement of defenses shatering

the same is true for Smilodon, Arctops and Inastrocevia he has skills and runner statistics (distraction, peter a lot of damage, low life, speed, etc.)

if dire wolf had 128 speed, it should have
ditraction or precision attacks

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I don’t want more mammals. I want more dinosaurs!!!

Ok fair enough. Maybe distracting Rampage? That’s a less common move

At 126 speed, postosuchus can shatter shields and pyroraptor used to have API

Postosuchus is not a runner, Pyro was changed for that very reason

Postosuchus is kinda a speedster. You also have darwin with 129 speed and DSI. You also have the medium pterosaurs with armor piercing/defense shattering counter attacks. Then entelodon and archeotherium can speed up with MF

But they are different “classes”, so to speak, the runners were originally to counter chompers, medium pteranodons are known to have “swoop” and Swap in DoT, medium pteranodons are characterized by counterattack and “pigs”. They are a new branch that can vary, all of these are not runners like Smilo (who is also elusive), Arctops, Inastrocevia, Raptors, Raptor Squads, Utharaptor and Pyro, etc.

I’m down for all of this