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New creature from JW:TG to JWA : Erliphosaurus



Components : Erlikogamma level 15 + Dilophosaurus level 15

Erlikogamma :
HP : 2700
Damage : 1300
Speed : 130
Critical : 5%
Armor : 0%

Minimal Speedup Strike
Precise Pounce
Debilitating Distraction
Rampage and Run

Dilophosaurus :
HP : 3750
Damage : 1200
Speed : 124
Critical : 5%
Armor : 0%

Nullifying Strike
Distracting Impact
Nuillifying Impact


Stats :
HP : 3250
Damage : 1300
Speed : 129
Critical : 5%
Armor : 0%

Precise Speedup Strike(New Move)(MSS+Null Strike)

Deal 1x damage.Bypass cloak and evasive ability.Increase speed by 10% for 2 turns.

Precise Pounce
Debilitating Distraction
Nullifying Impact
Immune to Distraction
Immune to Swap Prevention

Match ups

Erliphosaurus VS Procerathomimus (If 1v1)
Turn 1 :
Erlipho : Precise Speedup (129 become 141,9)
Proceratho : Any move even distracting rampage
Turn 2 : Precise Pounce
Erlipho will win Unless Erlipho’s HP is below 3100 (if DR is ready) or 1550(if DR is not ready) OR Erlipho is not already speedup AND Proceratho can take 2600 Damage(if Precise Pounce is ready) or 1300 Damage

Erlipho VS Indo G2
Turn 1
Erlipho : Precise Speedup
Indo G2 : Any move
Turn 2 : Precise Pounce
Erlipho will win Unless Indo G2 is already on mutual fury and DSR IS Ready

Tenontorex,Maxima,Gemini,Erlidom,Kentro if played correctly,both indom if it can take the damage and rampage is ready and Tanks that has Superiority strike,idk about Quetzorion and Phorusaura.

A counter for Proceratho and Indo G2
Erlikogamma now will a hybrid
More creature that tanks can counter making tanks a little more useful
Ludia will have easier time making it (if they see this) because the model,etc. is already on JW:TG

Another hybrid from local 2 and 3 making it even more powerful
Another creature that’s immune to distraction

So,what is your opinion?reply down below.if i made a mistake please let me know


Seems like a pretty neat idea. I think it could do with Immunity to Swap-prevention too.
It would lose to Indoraptor G2 though, since it only deals 3750 damage in 2 turns. Indo G2 has 3900.

Actually it’ll be like mags where it beats indo if it is set up. So it can win

Thanks for your information

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I think in JWTG its counted as a unique cuz its a tournament hybrid.

Maybe,but i treat the immune to distraction as a genetic mutation from immune to swap prevention.besides,it doesn’t have a run ability

Oh, that’s fine then.

It doesn’t need one. Alloraptor has Immunity to Swap-prevention without a run ability.

Wouldn’t that make it too good?

Immunity to Swap-prevention only helps in very specific situations. Like against a creature with No Escape. So it wouldn’t be that powerful, but it would come in handy once in a while.
There’s only one Legendary with No Escape, so right now it wouldn’t make that much of a difference in skill tournaments, but Sarcorixis and Grypolyth are creatures you will occasionally face in the arena, so it could help there.


Yea,you know what it already kills those creature anyway so why not :slight_smile: