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New creature (have you notice it)


Have you seen that in the Metahub? It doesn’ Look like a suchomimus! Is new creatures coming?


Okay, there’s already been a few fakes floatin around today. I really hope it isn’t another one.


I hope soo, I really wanna know what is that thing! :triumph:


Isnt this the old model?


That’s a suchomimus. The image they’re using is an old one and when the game started the sochumimus had a different mouth from now.


I mean, it’s a Suchomimus, but with a Spine. A lot of the hybrids look highly different from their bases.


Oh MAN! This is a real deception :sob:


I want that suchomimus model back, it was so much better :sob::sob:


So that was an old model?


Check out the Jurassic world fallen kingdom toys… you’ll find the sucho looks a lot different than in game… the toy had a spine… a lot cooler looking than the game render


Talkin about new creatures… found this on my way to work. Poor at shooting… :rofl:


Yes it is just and old model :rofl:


Sorry, I really though it was a new or hybrid, he was soo beautiful!

The new model look soo bad


I have found the new “Ostrich” a bunch of times in the wild. Apparently they love where I live lol


Wow, that’s an awesome design.
It makes new Suchomimus & Spinosaurus looks like cartoon characters.:joy:


Not your fault, dude. That does look really good! I still like the one we have though.