New creature idea - carcharodontosaurus


motion: large carnivore B motion(motion idea)


(in level 11)
SPEED: 112
HEALTH: 2000~2100
DAMAGE: 510~530


attack 1x damage.

attack 1x damage.
DoT 0.3x of target’s max HP for 2 turns.
it’s DoT can’t be removed.
(cleanse can’t remove this DoT)
cooldown: 2

(rip flesh and devour it)
attack 1.5x damage.
regenerate 25% health.
DoT 0.2x of target’s max HP for 2 turns.
cooldown: 3

no passive abilities.


Good template for all the Carcharodontosaurs to use. Except i would add Ramming Bite.

Carcharodontosaurs were Allosaurids, and as such, had considerably weak skulls, and a relatively weak bite, despite their imposing size (they were among the biggest land carnivores during the Cretaceous).

Like the Abelisaurs, they were speedy, and would charge at their prey with their mouths open, tensing their neck muscles up to deliver the axe-like bite. Everything else you wrote is good, I would just add the Ramming Bite that does 2x damage, as well as slows the opponent down.

Give it a slightly higher base damage, and you’re good to go!


if I’m right… carcharodontosaurids hunted
their pray to make it bleed…

and their shark-liked teeth are the proof of that.

so, I made this thing as a bleed machine.


They did. They lacked the bite force. For example, Mapusaurus hunted in gangs of 6 or more, going after Argentinosaurs. These sauropods were so massive, it’s currently thought that Mapusaurus didn’t need to kill its prey, it could rip flesh off, and just snack.


The herds of Argentinosaurs basically functioned as a “moving buffet” of sorts for the Mapusaurus gangs.

Argentinosaurs were so massive that they could survive an attack. The Mapusaurs would run in, take what they wanted, and then leave.


For every giant sauropod, you will find a corresponding apex predator.

Allosaurus/Saurophaganax - Diplodocus

Carcharadontosaurus - Paralititan

Mapusaurus - Argentinosaurus