New creature idea. What do you guys think?

Sorry, I dont have a picture for it yet…


Very good. Solid creature

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Thanks! :smiley:

Heres another.

so basically dracorat but nerfed

Get rid of swap-in null. Worst swap-in in the game

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Ight. What about swap in wound?

Better swap-in, but the kit doesn’t make much sense. Take my dimodactylus hybrid:

The kit is the most important thing about a creature. Your first creature had a kit that works. The swap-in plus dig-in or IC is a kit that does really well in every tournament setting. The kit above is quite similar. The stats like hp and armor work well with the swap-in. A 3000 hp bleed swapper usually isn’t too great being to frail, but a bulky one like that does well. Something like distraction is much better for this build. Just a heads up for future creatures


Ah ok. Thanks for the tips. I might just sit here all day and make new creatures lol.

Ask yourself
Does it fit in with the meta?
Does it flow well?
That’s the key to a good creature
As for raids, I’m not an expert there, but the formula still loosely fits for those creature types


Alright. Imma get to working on some more ideas. Thanks again!

Alright. done.

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Good kit (although it’s made with 2 hybrids. Maybe swap pouki with haast). That’s a kit that flows. IR, flap, strike, IR


yeah, i picked the two hybrids to improve on the poukadei unique because that thing is garbage. I might still swap pouk out tho

Not necessarily. It does have struggles, but the kit is very good. Being able to only take 1/6 of a creature’s turn 1 is very good

true, im guessing ludia made it a raid creature. We do need more raid compatible teams.


Here is an idea I had.


seems pretty good. what about this?

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