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New Creature Ideas for Jurassic World Alive 2.6

I think European jaguar is a bit too obscure to be added. The only obscure creatures i can see appearing is the thylacine and moas

I want ichtyosaurs, whales and scientifically accurate metriorynchus to return. Besides i would like to see megaraptoroids, prosauruspods and more triassic theropods like herrerasaurus, gojirasaurus, zupaysaurus and liliensternus

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In my opinion! I think it should replace Distracting strike to Lower Distraction (Distraction by 25% for 2 turn 2 Attack, Deal 1X damage) so it would have an Unlimited Attacking moves

Here Are Some More Creatures That Should Be Added In The 2.6 Update.

Here Are Some More Creatures That Should Be Added In The 2.6 Update There are mostly Amphibious

Amphibious:Oxalaia & Ichthyovenator,

Would be a event only so it make sense for how strong it is

Event execlusives should be stronger sure, but this kinda breaks the border especialy when it’s mostly gonna be used in skill tournaments where execlusivity does not matter

There should be a giga

There most likely going to be one when JW Dominion comes out cause there’s going to be one-ps I totally agree on the deinosuchus


Why does a resilient has a defense shattering move ?

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This makes no sense at all if elamosaurus strike is on revenge shouldn’t deal 1.5 damage

Corythosaurus - Common
Ceratosaurus - Rare
Metriacanthosaurus - Epic
Mamenchisaurus - Epic


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I would rather make ceratosaurus epic

yeah Ceratosaurus an epic

How about a Triassic update for 2.6 or 2.7

Sauropodomorpha is the name of the family wich all sauropods belong to