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New Creature Ideas for Jurassic World Alive 2.6

I think you mean saurosuchus and no he isn’t, in the game

What’s so bad about the dragon flies distraction strike I think distraction strike and side flap is a good combination probably it makes it the best common in the game

How about Cambrian creatures sense Jurassic park builder did have some I thinking that JWA should have some here are the photos

just that you wrote sarcosuchus on your list, and it is already in game as @Jahi_Valverde pointed out , sauroshuchus however isn’t

No, no where near the best common

The thing is it has a cooldown move that does dmg and a non cooldown defensive move

Same thing with the sloth but the sloth is good cuz it has a counter and that cooldown move, while it has delay is a rampage and has cooldown one, this thing would have to sidestep twice before it could attack again

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Why not water dinos?? Instead of more and more hybrids, I think they could introduce water dinos and it would vamp things up a little.

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This makes no sense for the bone crushing impact it does 1x damage and not 1.5 damage

But spinosaurus gen 3 is a water dinosaur


Honestly all for the spino gen 3. there are other full water dinos they could introduce like mosasaurus, kronosaurus, hainosaurus, tylosaurus, megalodon, and shastasaurus. Fighting in water.


and on top of that u could go to bodies of water like ponds, rivers, and the beach and dart them.

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I have a water dinosaur suggestions
Crazy water suggestion
Koolasuchus(underwater water)


Another suggestion, the velociraptors of the Lost World and Jurassic park 3, The tiger-colored raptor could be ger 2 and those of JP3 could be something like velociraptor (sorna) 1 and 2 or maybe ger 3 (male) and ger 3 (female)


Corythosaurus is Common

It would be cool to have them, only trouble I see with calling the raptors “velociraptor sorna 1 and 2” for the JP3 ones is that the tigers are also from sorna


in this case it could be maybe ger 3 (male) and ger 3 (female)

I think that would work

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An apex spinosaurus bosses ideas!
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