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New Creature Ideas For Jurassic World Alive’s Update 2.9


  • Yinlong

  • Guanlong

  • Corythosaurus

  • Tupuxuara


  • Mastodon

  • Gigantspinosaurus

  • Pestosuchus

  • Velociraptor gen 2


  • Ceratosaurus

  • Pachyrhinosaurus

  • Cave lion

  • Caradontosaurus


  • Rexy

  • Trykosaurus gen 2

  • Erlidominus gen 2

  • Scutopelta


  • Acrodominus

  • Oviphoeagle

  • Megaungaia

  • Inostrancevia lux

My apex’s

  • Magmamammoth

  • Spinomaximums

  • Strockovexsex


This is my best idea, without a doubt.

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Both are super hybrids, so that won’t happen.


If hybrids are mixed with hybrids, nothing prevents super hybrids from being mixed with super hybrids.

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Hybrids aren’t mixed with hybrids, though. Every superhybrid in this game comes from a hybrid + non-hybrid creature


Yes I know. What I meant is that there is no rule for creating hybrids, it doesn’t matter if it’s a real dinosaur hybrid, or a hybrid with a hybrid.

again you? please stop posting this, spamming the forum

How me I am not spamming what are you talking about and how are you talking to

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No that’s not me that’s Andrew_Scholte

One of my best rare creatures yet what do you guys think I made it not spawn in the wild as you can tell with DNA source saying Sanctuary and it is a little good


Don’t we have enough Apex creatures?

An apex what are you talking about this a rare

Not that thing you posted ten days ago at the very top

That’s what I’m talking about

We have apex raids all week I think that might be enough no offense great ideas but apex’s not needed

I created a rexy concept it is very good without a doubt


Not bad not bad

Very cool and interesting.

I think we shouldn’t get more apexes soon because

  1. They either add more bosses on the same day
  2. Apexes can now be replaced like mammoth and megalo
    And both options aren’t good