New Creature Ideas for Update 2.12

New Creature Ideas for Jurassic World Alive Update 2.12

Carnotaurus Gen 2 (Epic)

Cryolophosaurus (Rare)

Panochthus (Epic)

Gastornis (Epic)

Megatherium (Epic)

Ichthyornis (Rare) (Flock)

Gigantopithecus (Epic)


Cryolophotaurus (Legendary) (Carnotaurus Gen 2 + Cryolophosaurus)

Tauromimus (Unique) (Struthiomimus + Cryolophotaurus)

Ichthyodactylus (Unique) (Ichthyornis + Dimodactylus)

Albertopithecus (Legendary) (Albertosaurus + Gigantopithecus)


This are new creatures that I propose

And I think indoraptor should be buffed to be like this
I increased health 100 attack by 50 and speed by 2 and I also made reduced damage from 75% to 100% and I have it 50% resistant to DOT and 50% immune to stun and I added cautious on escape

Here is a creature I propose image|690x1323

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im going to name arnotaurus


Extremely original

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Look at the notes too


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One of these creatures should be added


I love the Alloboa idea!!


Thanks I chose snake because snakes are cool


Why is Gorgo a Fierce-Resilient and not a Cunning-Resilient?

We are long overdue for new pterosaurs and stegosaurs, as well new sauropods for the Apato rig.

All are at the starting level for their rarity btw

My thinking off what they look like my drawing is horrible I know

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I think we could have the new camp cretaceous smilodon and spinosaurus this patch

I added the evasive unpasteurized because it needs a medium hit because fabled fangs and the resilient rampage are delayed also I forgot the speed

Hibrido alfa una idea de la gran bestia genial para la actualizacion 2.12

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Translated from Spanish

Alpha hybrid an idea of ​​the great great beast for update 2.12

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