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New Creature Ideas for Update 2.12


Otra idea mas que estaria genial hibrido unico

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Another idea that would be great unique hybrid

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Two hybrids cant be fused

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Here’s some others: Ithyovenator (epic), and of course, Diceratops.

The new apex is going to be 2 hybrids👀



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New testa hybrid: Allow me to introduce myself

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Well here’s an idea, The AR is great and all but it could use some revamping. Like you could use backdrops like one example is there could be a Riverside for like the crocodilians or tree tops for pteranodons Or a laboratory for hybrids. The second thing is they could use some new animations like a death animation in AR and laying/sitting down or even two of said species interacting they could also have a baby in the control area of AR I’ll post what it could look like

I agree with more animations but the point of AR is to see them in the real world, where you are

Yes that is true


That would be cool

For starters I know it’s bad but just did some editing on procreate but for the mate it is suppose to be two snake making a heart but when I go redo it I will just make it a normal heart but on another note do you think stuff like kapro,gorgosuchus,alanqa should eat fish instead of a goat how come a compy gets a goat but alanqa gets fish yet quetzacoatlus gets a goat. But this is just a thought

This comment didn’t age well

WHAT? What do you mean by this

There is a super super hybrid now😂

The new apex

Why did this day have to come