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New creature on the way!

Apparently we will have a new aquatic or a new aquatic hybrid soon according to this news:


English version:

Seems like it’s going to be land based based on the text at the bottom so guessing it will be an amphibian of some sort.

It would be pretty crazy if it is a hybrid of an amphibian and an aquatic creature, the back fin reminds be of the bangomimus, my elusive foe.


It really resembles the bangominus.

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I’m not sure if I would like these kinds of crossovers.
Imagine to sacrifice a valuable Bangomimus for an amphibian hybrid, which will be lost afterwards in your aquatic lineup.


Let’s hope it’s not horsehair. :wink:


I believe that this is an amphibian because it says that the fins that resemble a fish are deceptive. Or it could be misleading …

But it’s called “Deceptive Fins”, so we can’t actually draw conclusions based off of any appearances. But maybe.

The best poster I have ever seen good job lidia

Douse this help

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Betting on an amphibian given it says land life beware. Maybe a new super hybrid, that would be extremely cool.

Whatever this beast, sure am excited for it.

It might be a new super hybrid because there is one more slot for s-dna.

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It’s Geneos from fossil fighters y’all

My guess is it’s a super hybrid using bananogmus dna. I have a suspicion that it might release tomorrow morning (Jan 1) as of the fact that it didn’t release on Monday as new creatures are typically teased on mondays and released fridays. In this case it happened to be teased Friday morning which is odd. And Ludia said there is a special reward for New Years which could possibly be the new s-dna needed for it. Just a thought I’ve had.

I don’t think it will be an s-dna creature, as they have recently enhanced missions with rewards from kaprosuchus s-dna.

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Oh right I forgot about that!

I think i have found the answer. Magnapyritor from JWA:


Elementary my dear Watson


O please be the case, so awesome! :sparkling_heart:

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@Kiarash_Bahar :exploding_head:

What creatures will we need to use to create it?

@Trexy In JWA it is Dimetrodon and Pyroraptor so it will be interesting to see what creatures would compose it in JW:TG.

Dimetrodon S-DNA? Perhaps unlikely given not long ago we had a S-DNA shift but speculating.

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That looks sick! Kinda in the realm of a dragon.

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