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New creature on the way!




If they adjust its stats it is going to be fairly high up is it going to screw up your balance?

That’s a big reason I’m not going to make one until I see what the buff is (I’m assuming there’s going to be one considering the price for it).

Depends on the buff, really. I expect him to end up with a similar ferocity to Erliphosaurus given that they’re both tournament + rare, and that hybrid at level 10 fits into my lineup well. Even if the stats are Yudon esque (unlikely imo), i’ll still be fine

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And banomingus has 0 fingers.

Uh, where’d the 3rd ones come from???

I’m just assuming it’s the rough ballpark of the therocenosaurus. I have a lvl 10 of that so I know it’s still far below my lvl 1 indos, which are the top of my roster.

I don’t see it being more powerful than those bad boys.

Not all hybrids are made with only 2 different DNA’s, indominus for example, has DNA from several other species like some frogs.
I believe they used DNA from another dinosaur (maybe allosaurus GEN 2) because the skull of allonogmius is much less than that of the current allosaurus.
Only explanation for the 3 fingers.

@OstaposaurusBae I referred to the 3 fingers of Allonogmius because Allosaurus, one of her “parents” , originally has 3 fingers too . The same happens with the original Giganotiosaur and maybe with other carnivores of the game too . They are not all of them classified as tyranosaurs , the only original group of carnivores with too fingers.
@Lucas_Paulino take a look at the Allosaurus gen 1 in JWA . Allonogmius design is much closer to this model (narrow skull and lighter body) than JWTG . This model has 3 fingers. The last year the game is taking more and more features from JWA. This is my explanation .

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Mystery solved.

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I did it, no regrets.

Actually I do have 1 regret, and that’s the Dinobux I used to make it, costing about 1200 because I’m inpatient. Also I’m just glad that I finally unlocked the bananomingus after all these years of not even having 1.