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New creature:polacathus

this is my idea about polacanthus

What level are these stats can I ask?

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I don`t understand the question :thinking:

Are these supposed to be at level 26?

I believe what @Earlidominus is saying like are those the stats the creature starts with, or is it tournament level. If these are tourney lvls these are rather quite disappointing


Buff Polacanthus damage to 1000, give it Immune to Vulnerable just like Ankylosaurs, and Health up to 4350. Why did I say that? Because that’s not an Ankylosauridae. Speed up to 113, armor and critical are okay. Change Superiority Strike to Superior Vulnerability.

Remove Immune to Lockdown and Swap in Stun

I imagine polacanthus having a counterattack for some reason. I will also say these stats are very, very low

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I agree. This not like an Ankylosauridae

Exactly. Thank you for explaining my skills in typing are the same as my skills in determining what is good or not(not very good)

probably level 11

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But no Ankylosauridae got this at level 11

At Level 11:
Health buffed to 1,950
Attack buffed to 532
Speed buffed to 113
Defense can stay at 30%
Crit. Chance can stay at 5%

  • Superiority Strike to Superior Vulnerability, becuz all anks have that
  • Thagomizer changed to Decelerating Rampage, because nodosaurids and ankylosaurids have no thagomizer
  • Long Protection
  • Swap-in Stun can stay, because it’s unique
  • Medium Counter-Attack
  • Immune to Swap Prevention changed to Immune to Vulnerability

At Level 26:
Health: 4,350
Attack: 1,000
Speed: 113
Defense: 30%
Crit. Chance: 5%

tried to make one that’s more like an ankylosaurid

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Did you got the level 26 from me?

also the counter-attack idea from dinomaster, but yeah