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New Creature Spawns


For those of y’all who have unlocked the Pachy, Maia, Scolo, and the flyer (forgot his name), please post which local where you found them and any other relevant information. Thanks!


Maia was in a park. Pachy is arena exclusive (Lockwood), the rare flyer was in Local 1. Not sure about Scolo


Thanks for the help!


Goth dino haha


The rare bird


Maia looks like it’d make for an amazing hybrid ingredient


This one looks really neat imo


I really like that instant rampage. I hope it does get a hybrid in the future. This and the Miragaia.


I got the new rare bird using a large scent, sitting at home in Zone 1


Maybe something like Dimaya?



Has anyone found Scolo? If so can you share what zone?


I’ve read through most posts from today and so far no one has even posted unlocking Scolo.


Today ive seen in local3 delta at day, dimetrodon g1 and dimorphodon at night


I found this strange thing called “T-Rex”? TWICE! Haha…

I have only found the new flyer, it was in Zone 4 for me.


I found a scaphognathus in L1 shortly after the update.


have found spino2 in L1
koolasuchus in L1 and L3
also yeah the new rare bird in L1. was by a park, but might no be a park spawn


Dimetrodon in L3 from a scent. So far, it looks the same for this zone.


i have seen dimetrodon L3, spino gen 2 L4, Monolophosaurus L2


Seen about 4 of the new scaps flyer, and a pyroraptor in L1

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That is a bad ass looking dino.
I need it in my life~