New creature suggestion: Dracoceratosaurus

I Would be very happy to see this powerful dinosaur in JW the game!

HP: 20,000
ATK: 8,035
Ferocity: 45,712
Rarity: Tournament Superhybrid
Coin: 4,072,857/12H

Evo 1: The padding on the bottom of this hybrid’s feet allows it to move quietly and undetected, rarely being caught by predators!

Evo 2: Dracoceratosaurus means “dragon horned lizard!”

Evo 3: While primarily herbivores, dracoceratosaurus also eat meat as well as other dinosaurs!

Evo 4: Dracoceratosaurus and proceratosaurus have a symbiotic relationship: The dracoceratosaurus protects the proceratosaurus’ nest and in return, the proceratosaurus dispatches any predators or rivals the dracoceratosaurus has!

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Looks funny but not bad at all

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Nice but dracoceratops is already very powerful


It’s not in JW the game :sweat:

It’s a tournament hybrid plus a vip creature that’s very strong

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