New creature suggestion: Dreadnoughtus

I would love to see Dreadnoughtus in JW the game

HP: 7999
ATK: 555
Coins: 1000000/24H
Ferocity: 9775
Animation set: Brachiosaur

Evo 1: Dreadnoughtus is one of the largest sauropods in the world, and it’s name means “fear nothing!”

Evo 2: This titanosaur was named after the dreadnought battlsships.

Evo 3: The sheer size of the Dreadnoughtus kept it safe from nearly all predators. The only creature that could potentially take it down would be the Indominus rex!

Evo 4: The dreadnoughtus survived in the late Cretaceous Period 77 million years ago, living in mixeds forests with lots of rivers!


Lol another dino with stats like apatosaurus.


I could draw the creature itself

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Let’s hope it will happen as it is a JPB Celebrity.


Sonorasaurus already has high health but low attack so the next tower sauropod should have stronger attack

Or in a dominion update /event


I am in favor of this idea.
This is a fairly famous dinosaur and I believe that sooner or later we will see him enter the game. :muscle:


I also agree but overall I hope they add like all of Jurassic World Evolution dinosaurs, like Dreadnoughtus, Gigaspinontosaurus, and Styracosaurus. I’m in favor of this.


Go for it @Rudi10001!

Except more powerful lol

Everyone! The Dreadnoughtus topic has been updated! Go check it out!

Can you please do Varanus Priscus next?

Note: Varanus Priscus is the new name for Megalania.

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@Brita sure!

Thank you so much!

And also, is it okay if you do Dacentrurus?
If so, can you fuse it with the Varanus Priscus to create Varantrurus?

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Of course!

I appreciate that so much!

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@Brita done…kinda. (the uploads won’t process somehow :slightly_frowning_face:)

You know, the dreadnoughtus is cool, but it needs a hybrid just like your Torosaurus hybrid. My idea would be drylodon.
Sauropod Base, Sloth Claws.
If Your Wondering What They Are, The Sauropod Is Dreadnoughtus And The Sloth Is Mylodon.

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That sail is huge lol-

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