New creature suggestion: Styxopterquetzal

This new superhybrid is very special as it as a new animation set unique to it! This is it’s feeding animation: The styxopterquetzal goes into a giant pool of water where it’s feeder pops up. Then the Styxopterquetzal goes inside the feeder and splashes while catching salmon in it’s mouth. It then flies back to its normal position.
Pteraquetzal + Styxosaurus DNA = Styxopterquetzal
HP: 17,993
ATK: 5,013
Ferocity: 34034.6
COIN: 1,419,533/17H
Rarity: Tournament superhybrid
Animation set: Styxopterquetzal ( Azhdarchidae x Plesiosauria)

Evo 1: The Styxosaurus DNA running through the Styxopteraquetzal’s veins reawakened the azhdarchid that was hidden inside it’s ancestor, pteraquetzal!

Evo 2: This special member of the azhdarchidae family has a longer neck and is bigger, growing to a wingspan of 60 feet!

Evo 3: The Styxopterquetzal is a skilled swimmer and is able to hold it’s breath for more than 24 hours!

Evo 4: As the Styxopterquetzal matures, it develops fins and grows more feathers. InGen described the adult superhybrid as a truly beautiful creature.


That looks cute. :heart_eyes: . Thanks for sharing !

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Your welcome! I will admit that it’s eyes are adorable! :blush:

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While I will say it doesn’t have the best of looks, I love its cuteness a lot. Your’e a professional at this point man. Keep drawing !

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Sorry but it need to be mentioned, I don’t think pteraquetzal will be the first shiny legendary super hybrid. I do like the idea but it’ll be a while till it comes true. But I do think that the first shiny legendary super hybrid might be with gorgosuchus, just because there’s only one of them.

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Only time will tell…

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Noted. Sorry everybody…

Awesome keep it up

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