New creature suggestions: European Jaguar and Limnogombaszoegensis

These two amazing cenozoic creatures are what I would like to see in Jurassic World The Game! Don’t you agree?

European Jaguar
Level: 1-40
HP: 487-2,700
ATK: 275-1,525
Ferocity: 1,367-7,580
Class: Snow
Rarity: Tournament
Coins: 950-303,999/10H
Animation Set: Big Cat

Evo 1: The European Jaguar was revived by InGen via the use of Snow Leopard DNA.

Evo 2: This Big Cat had both lion and tiger-like characteristics.

Evo 3: Being a prehistoric big cat from millions of years ago from today, the European Jaguar is larger than modern jaguars, growing to a weight between 70 and 210 kg!

Evo 4: InGen’s European Jaguar are often seen “dating” Smilodon, much to the confusion of the scientists and the other animals inhabiting the snow habitat.

European Jaguar + Solar Limnoscelis = Limnogombaszoegensis
Level: 1-40
HP: 1,281-7,097
ATK: 781-4,324
Ferocity: 3,780.2-20,933.8
Class: Snow
Rarity: Tournament Hybrid
Coins: 1,856-593,891/3H
Animation Set: Big Cat

Evo 1: Despite it’s body being almost completely covered in scales, the Limnogombaszoegensis can tolerate living in the cold very well!

Evo 2: The Limnogombaszoegensis is also known as the Marsh Jaguar!

Evo 3: Scientists had a hard time naming this hybrid. Even Dr. Wu himself did not know what to name it, so he named the hybrid “Limnogombaszoegensis.”

Evo 4: Although smaller, weaker, and slower than the European Jaguar, the Limnogombaszoegensis more than makes up for it with it’s superintelligence. With a whopping IQ of 180, the hybrid hunts it’s prey in numbers, using it’s size to hide and take down it’s meal with help from it’s float!

Feel free to ask anything about the creature’s stats, class, facts, appearance, etc. and you can redraw them if you feel like it! I hope you all have a great Summer Break!

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This hurts my eyes


@Alpha06 How so?

Sounds like a name of a disease


It’s created from “limno” from Limnoscelis, and “gombaszoegensis” from Panthera gombaszoegensis, the binominal name of the European Jaguar.

Sounds like the next pandemic.



Just to let everyone know, the Limnogombaszoegensis is also known as the Marsh Jaguar. :sweat:

Maybe you can do Winter Diplodocus and Solar Ankylosaurus to make ankylodocus gen 2

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Okay @EpicThoradolosaur983, just give me their rarities and I’ll start working on them. (Note: at least ONE of them need to be at least a super rare or higher.)

Winter Diplo will be regular legendary and Solar Anky will be Super rare

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