New creature suggestions: Scorpios Rex GEN 2 and Scorpios Rex GEN 3

The Scorpios Rex is one of the deadliest creatures in the jurassic world franchise, and is a force to be rekoned with. With the lethal theropod in Jurassic World The Game, it would only be fair if it’s GEN 2 and 3 versions were added. I hope they will get added soon! (P.S. the Scorpios Rex was a pain to draw, which is why they look like Godzilla😅)

Scorpios Rex GEN 2
Monolophosaurus GEN 2 + Carnotaurus GEN 2 = Scorpios GEN 2
Level: 1 - 40
HP: 1,346 - 7,455
ATK: 903 - 5,003
Coins: 2,210 - 707,082/5H
Ferocity:4,235.6 - 23,464.6
Rarity: Hybrid Tournament
Animation Set: Scorpios Rex
Class: Carnivore

Evo 1: The reason the Scorpios Rex was sealed away was because not only was it too dangerous to guests, but Simon Masrani called it ugly! (Very rude of Masrani to say that.)

Evo 2: The Scorpios Rex GEN 2 has a grey hue due to different genetic material used to create it.

Evo 3: While just as aggressive as the original, the Scorpios Rex GEN 2 is calmer and has been observed to lay down on all fours in a pond with it’s eyes closed, similar to meditating.

Evo 4: Did you know that the Scorpios Rex sees in black and white?!

Scorpios Rex GEN 3
Scorpios Rex GEN 2 + Gorgosaurus DNA = Scorpios Rex GEN 3
Level: 1 - 40
HP: 2,708 - 15,000
ATK: 1,642 - 9,097
Coins: 4,085 - 1,307,061/3H
Ferocity: 7962.4 - 44,110.4
Rarity: Superhybrid Tournament
Animation Set: Scorpios Rex
Class: Carnivore

Evo 1: The Scorpios Rex GEN 3 is incredibly smart to the point that it can learn how to draw pictures on the ground with it’s claws! This hybrid has both brains and brawn!

Evo 2: The Scorpios Rex is attracted to fire.

Evo 3: The Scorpios Rex GEN 3 has horns on it’s head similar to a carnotaurus. Sometimes when climbing trees, branches will get stuck in the Scorpios Rex GEN 3’s horns, much to the dinosaur’s annoyance.

Evo 4: Out of all three variants, the Scorpios Rex GEN 3 is the most colorful!

Don’t be afraid to comment on the dinosaur’s appearances, stats, rarity, and facts! I would also encourage you to make your own versions of the creatures I make and their info!


Pictures are now available!

I don’t think we need gen 3s and the srg3 is way too op

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At least it looks cool. Plus Scorpios Rex GEN 3 is a superhybrid if you didn’t know.

I know it’s a super hybrid but it has 5000 more hp than Indoraptor (the strongest creature) and 4000 more attack

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That’s because the Scorpios Rex GEN 3 is a tournament superhybrid, which makes it stronger than normal superhybrids.

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Actually, the strongest creature is indoraptor Gen 2.