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New creature suggestions

The Facebook page has a request for new creature suggestions

My favourite ideas were giant scorpions and gigantopithecus

I think gigantopithecus would be amazing!!

What are your suggestions? I’m all about the cenozoic mega fauna myself…


There’s a Horned Gopher and a Giant Beaver. I’m here for that!!!

How about King Louie?

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He’d do. As long as he sings while distributing an 8 point attack


Haha. Noice

The game desperately needs a SR amphibian, so a super rare Devil Frog, Beelzebufo hybridised with an allosaurus. The frog was only 41cm but very aggressive. It would have to be to take on a mastadon

Or a nundagosaurus super hybrid at least


For the Cenozoic line I’d definitely suggest Purusaurus. Big crocodilian representation is always welcome.

The game is strangely devoid of a Gorgonopsid which I think would make a fine addition. I remember there being one in the original classic JP toyline. They have Dimetrodon so no reason not to have another Permian associated creature.

Also Qianzhousaurus…a super unique and very little known creature.

One more obvious suggestion and glaring omission is Carcharodontosaurus.

All I’ve got so far, but I’m sure more will come to me.

Love the Gigantopithecus suggestion.


I suggest

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