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New creature teaser

Judging by the shape, I’m guessing edmontosaurus


Maybe I am so excited

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Edmontosaurus, Hadrosaurus or Maiasaura

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maybe giraffatitan

Scolosaurus to

this is ideas for the upcoming creatures this month

Most likely edmonto because it’s in JWA and it’s got the same shape. JWA’s maiasaura has little horns above eyes.

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Looks like edmonto this weekends tournament then

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Yeah I don’t play JWA.

This is the edmontosaurus stats maybe 2567 health 636 attack

species iguanodon


I hope i can get this one. I’ve barely lost the kapro gen 2

So does this mean we get edmontoguanodon later on


Possibly iguanodon gen 2???


Makes you think, huh

Welcome to the forums, @Serge_Atienza

Definitely Edmontosaurus.

not iquanadon has no thumb