New Creature Types + Biodome

So I was looking at the species available in the game and noticed a lack of pre-Mesozoic terrestrial creatures. I would like to suggest the possibility of a new biodome containing these creatures, with the following creature classes/categories: Insect (with not just giant insects like meganeura but also many giant inverts such as arthroplurea and pulmnoscorpius), reptile-like (containing things like dimetrodon, gorgonops, and other reptiles and reptile like creatures.), and finally amphibious. The amphibious category could consist of several species from the main park, with the entire amphibian category moving to amphibious or reptile-like. This would eliminate amphibian creatures from the main park, and then pterosaurs cound be strong vs carnivores. Then, each area would have a trio with one type weak against the other. For the new types, it would be Insect -> Reptile Like -> Amphibious-> Insect.


I like that, but especially I would like to see a unique biodome only for insects.
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