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New Creature?

Ludia Posted this picture on Twitter, But I think it’s just dimetrodon


@Tasmanian_Devil I think it is not dimetrodon because of small neural spine sail. I can cut the many choices such as Gorgonopsia due to small teeth and Megalania because it lived in Pleistocene not Permian.


Also, Dimetrodon is a legendary creature, and not tournament one.
Although, It looks like a Cenozoic one…

I think it close to this creature (Sphenacodon)


mine typ: Megalania i hope amphibian


Yeah, sorry but 2 things about that. 1, the new creature announcement said “Permian” and Megalania definitely did not live in the Permian. 2, even if it was included into the game, Megalania would be a carnivore, not an amphibian. It was a strictly land-based reptile.

I mean you can throw out Gorgonopsians anyways because the picture in the game had scales, Gorgonopsians were more mammal than reptile, modern reconstructions never show them with scales.


im hoping for Ctenospondylus

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megalania would be cavern though…

Whatever it is, I hope it’s an amphibian.

it’s like dimetrodon animation XD

Oh, oops, I forgot Cenozoic had different types lol

I agree, from the previous hint and this photo, definitely could be Sphenacodon.

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Sphenacodon I think.

If it is Sphenacodon, will it be a Pterosaur? Wikipedia says it would have likely preyed on Amphibians :laughing:


Either Carnivore or Amphibian. It will never be a Pterosaur! :grinning:

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Just sarcasm my friend because pteros have an advantage over amphibians :wink:


Funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Imagine a new park like jpb… Never going to happen so sad

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JPB :pleading_face:
I… just want to see… an park setting where… herbivores aren’t in enclosures… like in JPB… cries while typing