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New Creatures already?!

it was more the mishap trying to fix it that was my main concern.
leaks happen. but quality control when trying to fix it should be high. not accidentally removing the wrong creature because the names start the same.

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yeah…and honestly I’m not happy with the fact that they have yet to publicly acknowledge the Grypo changes. I understand why the changes were made. But fundamentally changing a creature like that (even if it was just accidentally) and not saying anything about it is not cool at all. Esp since those changes often affect more than just that creature.


i assumed that change was reverted when they fixed the other stuff. havent battled in a bit so i didn’t notice it actually stayed.

Ah, I read your post wrongly. Agreed that their response was quite sloppy.

I’m not happy with how Grypolyth was handled either. If it had just been giving it resistance to swap prevention, that would be fine. Reworking it in this manner without warning does not inspire confidence.


Wait a sec was there actualy another creature detected that we couldn’t find the name of? Well considering we’re lacking a uniqe and a comon my guess is one of those 2, if ovi has a new rig i’m assuming it could be a new comon with that rig such as anzu or gigantoraptor

You are bang on! Almost all of the frustration with Ludia could be solved with better communication, yet they just don’t get it. It’s maddening why they are STILL choosing to go out of their way to push the community away. Bring the communication wall down Ludia!!!


no, it’ll be back when the update comes