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New creatures and reworks you want for 2.13 update

If you have an idea for a new creature or a old creature rework, you can drop it here and let other people give feedback on your creations and reworks

I have a feeling this one is a bit overpowerd i couldnt test him out in battle simulator

I believe these creatures are balanced, these worked in battle simulator and they are great at battling tanks or the slow lower damage fierce. However the higher damage fierce are a good option against them or cunning that have a stun Resistent. Overall creatures with a stun Resistance are just the thinking game. ( edit nulify works also decent against them, depends on there stats).

My goal for these reworks was to give megalosuchus and indoraptor a great/decent use in the meta again, and give Scaphotator just a use again whatever it is to raid or to let him be a counter maybe in this meta. I love the indoraptor change, think the megalosuchus is okay but i am not sure of the Scaphotator. Pls give me feedback what you think and what you think could be better.


One suggestion. I think you could rename Buff and Nerf on Scapo to Reversed Fury


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Please see me Topic: Andrewtops needs revisions ASAP.

I strongly feel Andrewtops could be a great Dino if it’s revised and corrected.


  1. More initial health points. Should start at 3500 points

  2. A Shield or Refresh (like Tryo)

MY Andrewtops has 15 boosts applied. Still very low on health and easily killed by lesser dinos

I would love a megalania fierce and cunning could you try and do that?

Only a hybrid would have double classes like cunning fierce. In the case of megalania i would say fierce is the best option. But ill also make a cunning for you

Here you goA Fierce megalania and a cunning megalania. Hopefully you like them🙂

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Here is my Megalania

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Hope its doesnt need some nerf



Both versions of my hybrid I REALLY want in the game

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Same my rare hybrids want in the game

While I like the idea of a megalosuchus buff, that buff is WAY TOO STRONG. It essentially can do 3600 damage on a rampage, followed up by another 1800 on the counter. This means that it does 5400 damage TURN ONE. I’m sorry, that’s way, WAY too strong. Especially for a legendary

How about with my rare hybrids creature?

I’ll take a look

It’s a bit underpowered. Some of the resistances also don’t make sense. Give it distraction as first slot and replace last slot with either distracting or evasive impact. Then ditch distraction resist and give it either 75% or 100% stun resist. After that, it should be okay. A damage buff to about 1100 would help, but isn’t necessary

Wait then i will make some buff to him

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