New creatures- Chompers

I got tip to make separate post of each group with their moves. So, trying for first time moves for creatures, so I am sorry if some are underpower or overpowered
For chompers I have few suggestions, since there are diversity in them, but there are few which could be added to roster
Albertosaurus- global spawn during day
Health: 4650, Attack: 1650, Speed: 106, Armour: 0% Critical: 20%
Moves: Vulnerability Shattering Strike, Fierce Impact
Resistances: 100% vulnerable
Daspletosaurus- global spawn during night
Healt:4600, Attack: 1700, Speed: 106, Armour: 0%, Critical: 20%
Moves: Vulnerability Shattering Strike, Defense Shattering Impact
Resistances: 100% vulnerable
Tyrannotitan- Battle exclusive
Health: 4400, Attack: 1700, Speed 106, Armour: 0% Critical:25%
Moves: Vulnerability Shattering Strike, Armour Piercing Impact, Armour Piercing Rampage
Resistances: 100% vulnerable
Carcharodontosaurus-Local 3 day/dawn/dusk
Health: 4450, Attack:1500, Speed:103, Armour: 0%, Critical: 20%
Moves: Fierce Strike, Defence Shattering Impact, new move- Deep Wound ( similiar to Lethal Wound, but DoT 20% of Max Hp for 2 turns, delay:0, cooldown: 1)
Resistance: 25% DoT, 75% Vulnerable
Giganotosaurus- Monday through day
Health: 4700, Attack: 1750, Speed: 104, Armour:0%, Critical: 35%
Moves: Fierce strike, Armour Piercing Impact, Group Shattering Rampage
Resistances: 75% swap prevention, 50% speed decrease
Suprannotitan- JWTG hybrid- Tyrannotitan+ Supersaurus
Health:4600, Damage: 1700, Speed:107, Armour:0%, Critical:20%
Moves: Vulnerability Shattering Strike, Group Declerating Impact (after supersaurus), Armour Piercing Rampage, priority: group taunting shields (after supersaurus)
Resistances: 100% vulnerable, 50% Speed Decrease

So, these are my ideas. I hope you like them and if not I am open to suggestions what should be changed
Added new move for Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Tyrannotitan and Suprannotitan- Vulnerability Shattering Strike
Deep Wound more described how would work


Do you mean “event exclusive”??

Nope, from incubators which we can win in battles.

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on the strike towers in an event?
i dont think we have campaign exclusives yet
correct me if I am mistaken

No, probably I said it wrong but as Batlle Exclusives. For example now battle exclusives are Alanqua,Baryonyx, Dimorphodon . So he would be like them. I took you suggestions to not make it event exclusive since as you said there are too many event exclusives

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that makes more sense
thank you!!


Suchomimus + Carcharadontosaurus


Name meaning: Great white Shark Spine

Health: 4650,
Armour: 0%,
Critical: 25%

Fierce Strike,
Defense Shattering Impact,
Lethal wound
Deep wound
Swap-in Wound
No escape
Resistance: 25% DoT, 75% Vulnerable


Dasplestosaurus moveset is just Allosaurus. Maybe add like a vulnerability move to it, Like shattering vulnerability? Also, when you have a DoT move, you need to add how many turns it lasts.

Ah, sorry, I will edit it rn, I didnt saw notice it.
Changed it already, you gave good idea for vulnerability shattering strike for 3 new speed chompers. And added how long turns

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edit: nvm


Lethal wound has no delay

This sounds awesome,like good chomper/bleeder, force to reckon. I like it a lot. Which rig it would be using? Rex or Spino?
And I also added stuff to Deep Wound

It would have a version of spinonyx rig

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Ok I am gonna make something crazy now…
Pyronnotitan rig (Indoraptor with longer tail, smaller head and a little bit smaller)
stats tommorow

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Looking forward to it, since you are amazing making hybrids

so like these?

yes, like these

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Yutyrannus + Troodon


I would say Yutyrannus with his size is more likely to have medium carnivore rig as lythronax. Because of that I didnt include him here. Buy your ides with yuty and youdon are very good

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