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New creatures for new future updates

Encouraged roar shouldn’t have vulner for two attacks, it should be 1 attack and 2 turns.
Why does fearful roar shield and dodge, also why is the dodge 75% and not 66.7%?

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how about this dinosaur i give you another crocodile hybrid Deinotator.

Shouldn’t shredding rampage be called shredding impact if it only does 1.5x damage?

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Here is a list for some northern dinosaurs they should add

Commons :
Pachyrhinosaurus gen 2 (pachyrhinosaurus Canadiens )

Rares :
Nanuqsaurus (lythornax animation)

Epics :
Pachyrhinosaurus (march of the dinosaurs species)

Hybrids :
Pachygalosaurus = pachyrhinosaurus gen 2 + megalosaurus)

Gorgonanuq = gorgosaurus + nanuqsaurus

Ugrunanuq = ugrunaaluk + Gorgonanuq

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