New creatures For the game

I think we should have a compsungnanthus its rarity would be rare or epic compsungnanthus gen 2 should be a common or rare and compsungnanthus hybrid would be ophicananthus compsungnanthus gen 2 hybrid should be compraptor so I hope you like the idea

While I love Compy’s, how effective could it conceivably be? It’s the size of a chicken.

There could be a lot of things like a counter attack like the marsupial lion or megalosaurus

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Ahem… I mean… yes… compys would be neat! Smaller dinos in general would be neat actually! Feel like theres a lizard height restriction in game right now, and ankle biters are often really awesome in a swarm, maybe it could have a move that makes a point of that…? Distraction n boost type with a counter attack because die ankles die!

Also chickens are scary nathan… they’re scary…

Can you imagine taking a compy up against something like mortem tho? Owo ehehehehe

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Compy vs indoraptor boss aka GIANT INDORAPTOR

Maybe three of them would be present in battles

Compy would probably be a cunning or maybe cunning-fierce

compthy would have a bleed move and a rampage, similar to troodon but troodon would have like lethal wound while comphy would have like gashing wound

So cunning-fierce?

3000 hp
950 atk
130 speed
20 crit chance

Gashing wound
Rmpage and run

Swap-in Wound
Minor counter attack
Immune to swap prevention, distraction, 20% taunt resistance

@anon28420136 how do know what it would be

Are you a developer did you make the game!?!?!?!?

I wanna be the first one to have it too

Don’t commons only have 2 moves, not 3?

yeah but sometimes they can


Ten char