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New Creatures from JWA

Got bored. People looked at some JWA creatures. I made them some stats. First Arambourgiana.

Tier: Tournament
Cost: 8,500
Type: Pterosaur

Level 10:
558 Health
392 Damage
4,591 Coins/2H
Level 20 Stats
1,073 Health
727 Attack
16,039 Coins/2H
Level 30:
1,604 Health
958 Damage
49,320 Coins/2H
Level 40:
2,137 Health
1,409 Damage
130,201 Coins/2H
Next Up: Diorajasaur!

Tier: Legendary Super Hybrid
Type: Carnivore


Level 10:
4,053 Health
3,447 Damage
45,609 Coins/4H
Level 20:
5,420 Health
4,293 Damage
209,532 Coins/4H
Level 30:
7,128 Health
4,857 Damage
748,921 Coins/4H
Level 40:
8,912 Health
5,565 Damage
1,254,183 Coins/4H
And now 3 Spinosaurs! Baryonx Gen 2, Spinosaurus Gen 2, and Spinonyx.

Baryonyx Gen 2

Baryonx Gen 2
Tier: Tournament
Cost: 9,000
Type: Carnivore


Level 10:
467 Health
437 Attack
Level 20:
799 Health
749 Attack
36288 Coins/12H
Level 30:
1218 Health
1142 Attack
108864 Coins/12H
Level 40:
1724 Health
1616 Attack
290304 Coins/12H

Spinosaurus Gen 2

Spinosaurus Gen 2
Tier: Tournament
Cost: 8,000 DNA
Type: Carnivore:


Level 10:
903 Health
209 Attack
10,459 Coins/8H
Level 20:
1,459 Health
407 Attack
37,635 Coins/8H
Level 30:
2,398 Health
603 Damage
89,860 Coins/8H
Level 40:
3,402 Health
893 Damage
287,828 Coins/8H

Finally Spinonyx!

Tier: Tournament Hybrid
Cost: 50,480 Dna
Type: Carnivore

Level 10:
2,508 Health
895 Attack
Level 20:
4,542 Health
1,432 Attack
108,584 Coins/30M
Level 30:
6,867 Health
2,234 Attack
320,625 Coins/30M
Level 40
9,536 Health
3,145 Attack
907,382 Coins/30M

Sorry this is long. Had a lot ready!


Wait but we don’t we don’t have rajakylo how would u make dio then

Baryonyx gen 2 same stats as Banana Fish? Also Arambourgiania( that i would like a lot) stats does not follows @Tommi increasing rates.


Rajastega plus Ankylosaurus sdna or Ankylodocus plus Rajasaurus dna

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Bary is Land Banana Fish. Also I didn’t follow the increase rate.

Ye but thats not my boi dio, it would have a more amphibian based model, and wouldn’t have the heavy arrmour

Just make it Dio from JWA. Looks good. Maybe a head crest if you really want, but having Dio ported over would be ok in my books.

U know what i just realised if u wanna get dio and gem in jwtg the best way would be switching ankylodocus to be made from ichtiostega and diplo and rajastega from raja and anky just change the models and names, then add arambor to the diplo hybrid and touji to the raja one and boom dio and gem

I know they wouldn’t do it and i wouldn’t like it at all but idk i find it kinda funny for some reason

I don’t think we will have spinonyx because they probably won’t make a gen 2 of an vip a tournament. But i aggree that spinosaurus gen 2 and arambourgigania are coming


With iguanodon and brachiosaurus having new animations they probably add sonorasaurus, giraffatitan, ouranosaurus, edmontosaurus, tenontosaurus and Maiasaura

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Bary Gen 2 in JWA is worse than Bary Gen 1. It should be ok here.

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Rajasaurus Gen 2? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Raja does deserve Tournament stats…

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don’t think they’ll make a gen 2 out of a vip creature (baryonyx) but Diorajasaur being a legendary super hybrid is a good idea

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I kinda love Alloraptor, Thor and Eremoceros to join JWTG. Also!

  • Erlikospyx
    (Spinonyx + 6000 Erlikosaurus S-DNA)
    Tournament - Carnivores - Super-Hybrid
    Stats at lv 40:
    Health 15,718
    Damage 5,688
  • Antarctourgiana
    (Antarctopelta + Arambourgiana)
    Tournament - Pterosaurs - Hybrid
    Stats at Lv 40
    Health 19,555
    Damage 2,288

Done!! Hav a great days!


Lit[quote=“zketti, post:14, topic:166961”]
don’t think they’ll make a gen 2 out of a vip creature

Literally my opinion too

Eremoceros is the only possble creature. Also i think dracoceratops and dilophoboa
Can happen.
For gen 2 i say we get allosaurus, koolasaurus, diplocaulus, monolophosaurus and dimetrodon gen 2

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He probably won’t happen. Unless creatures get more than 1 hybrid in the future

I think diorajasaur and spinonyx are the ones I most want in this game, they are the best looking hybrids for sure!


If Arambourgiana were to be added in game, I’m sure Koolasuchus Gen 2 would also be present as well.

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