New creatures idea (non hybrids)

There is wich dinos I want and expect to see

Edit : Since 1.9 the new non hybrids gains some new moves like Carbonemys with SV and Devastation, Mammoth with PFS and Titanoboa with on escape Rampage so I’ll try to brings at least 1 new move for the creatures on my list


HP : 3900
DMG : 1400
Speed : 113
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 20%

Long Defensive strike
Rage to win
(Priority , reduce the target’s damage by 90%, steal the target’s buff for 1 turn, increase the speed for next turn by 10%, increase the damage by 50% for the next 2 turns, every single moves can breaks the shields for the next 1 turns)
Cooldown : 2 turns Delay : 1 turn

Passives :
On escape dust cloud
Immune to nullification

HP : 4200
DMG : 1000
Speed : 104
Armor : 50%
Crit chance : 5%

Shielding strike
Superiority rampage
(deal 2x damages, cleanse the distraction and reduce the target’s speed for 1 turn)
Cooldown : 1 turn Delay : 1 turn
Hide from danger
(Priority, cleanse, takes 66% less damages from the target for 2 turns thanks to his shell works even against immunes and defense shattering moves, regen 20% for 2 turns , the user should have less 50% HP to use this move, if it use it so during the 2 turns of regeneration and protection the user can’t do nothing)

Edit : if the user is stun so it can’t regen on this turn

Cooldown : 6 turns Delay : 3 turns

Passives :
Immune to vulnerability
Swap in head butt


HP : 5600
DMG : 1200
Speed : 111
Armor : 10%
Crit chance : 5%

Decelerating shielded strike
Regeneration and run
Priority inverse
(deal 1.5× damage, makes the target confused for 3 turns, the priority moves doesn’t work normally instead of they makes the target faster they makes it slower, works for the switch too)
Cooldown : 2 turns

Passives :
Swap in slow
On escape deliberate slow
(if the target leaves, the next opponent would be slowed for 2 turns)


HP : 3900
DMG : 1200
Speed : 119
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%

Evasive strike
Velocity strike
(A very old move, deal 1x damage and buff itself the speed by 50% for 2 turns)
Cooldown : 2
Rampage and run

Passives :
Immune to swap prevention


HP : 3000
DMG : 1100
Speed : 118
Armor : 20%
Crit chance : 20%

Nullifying strike
Distracting impact
(deal 1x damages, target’s damage reduce by 25% for 2 turns, DoT 0.25X on the base HP for 2 turns, makes the target vulnerable on the next turn, if the target was beaten by the DoT from Toxic so the user regen 50% of HP, against immune creatures the effects doesn’t work but the immune passive is off for the 2 next turns )
Cooldown : 3 turns Delay : 1 turn

Passives :
Venom counter
Swap in Distraction


HP : 4500
DMG : 1000
Speed : 108
Armor : 15%
Crit chance : 5%

Long Decelerating strike
Instant Distraction

Passives :
Swap in toxic
(does the same effect as the toxic move but do any dmg)


HP : 2200
DMG : 1200
Speed : 131
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%


Passives :
Immune to deceleration
On escape full heal
(when the opponent leaves, regen 100% the HP)


HP : 4200
DMG : 1400
Speed : 113
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 20%

Definite strike
Armor piercing impact
Mutual fury

Passives :
Immune to bleed
Swap in deliberate MF
(After the user has switched, let’s the target’s use his move then the swapping move is on, do the same thing has MF, the user is swap prevented for 2 turns)

(Ok I know normally only the super hybrids should be unique but heh a non hybrid unique looks funny, and we still have some events and sents to unlock it, and because it’s a non hybrid is available on the sanctuaries so why not)

HP : 4800
DMG : 1600
Speed : 109
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 30%

Definite strike
Precise Defense Shaterring Rampage
Roar from Warrior
(Priority, switch automatically the target then the user and the next target will have a 50% buff on DMG for 1 turn, the target is swap prevented for 1 turn)
Cooldown : 2 turns

Edit : if the next target has a swapping move, the buff will comes after wich it means if the target has a swap in stun and stun Giga so it’ll don’t have the buff effect

Passives :
On escape minor velocity
(When the opponent leaves, buff itself the speed by 5% for 2 turns)
Fury unstoppable
(If the creatures takes 40% or more on the HP on 1 turn, the damage are increase by 50% for 1 turn)

For those who are too lazy to read all that

The first creatures on this topic are :

Gigantopithecus (Epic)
Doedicurus (Epic)
Paraceratherium (Epic)
Procoptodon (Rare)
Pulmonoscorpius (Epic)
Arthropleura (Rare)
Meganeura (Common)
Yutyrannus (Rare)
Giganotosaurus (Unique)

Gigantopithicus going on rage to win

“Oh my god, he’s gone ape mode”


Just some dinosaurs would be cool.

A creature can not be immune to null since this move it hasn’t any negative effect.

Tbh I prefer the immune to nullification instead of immune to stun or distraction, even if it’s weaker it’s more funny and works well on this creature with the move “Rage to win” wich gives some buffs

No you didn’t understand what i said. A dino can’t be immune to null. Null isn’t something that can you be immune. An immune dino neglects all negative effects like bleed, slow distraction, stun.

Nice ideas, but nullification isn’t a negative effect.

Well gemini got immunity outta nowhere so I don’t see why ludia can’t change the rules

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I understand but I keep the immune to nullification

I remember in a very long time ago the immune creatures can’t be nullifyed so I don’t see why an immune to nullification doesn’t make sense

Immune dinos can nullified. Actually this is a way to stop dodgers that are fully immune.

It’s perfect the only dino who has the immune to nullification can’t dodge, but yeah of course if dodger have this immunity it would be very annoy because only the precise moves works against theme

But if I was the one who updating the game and realese the new immune to Nullification any creatures with dodge effects’ll have it they are already boring to fight

I think i have better attack and passive for Yutyrannus

Priority. Deal 1x damage and 75% chance to stun opponent. You increase your damage by 50% for 2 turns.

Fear(priority passive):
When opponent switch to another creature, your creature fear the opponent and you reduce his damage by 50% for 1 turn and he stunned. Your passive is priority than opponent.

What do you think? And for giga.

Rage out:
Deal 4x damage bypass shields and amor. You can’t be stunned while you doing this attack(when opponent is faster and do some stun attack or when you faster and opponent do an instant charge), but can be reduce(like instant distraction)

Interesting but they seems overpowered
For Roar I think it shouldn’t deal damage but keep the stun and buff effect it’s interesting and seems logic for this move

For the passive Fear it’s basically an on escape move, it’s fine for me

And for the Rage out, 4x times damage it’s too high I mean the Devastation move is a very powerful move even on Turtle wich had 900 DMG stat, so give a more OP move on a chomper it’s no for me.
This move should deal 2X damages but not more the fact who he can’t be stunned makes it already powerful

Yeah, but CLOAK deal 4x damage too. Like indo have higher damage than 1000. :expressionless::thinking:

Cloak do 4x times DMG only with a Rampage move so you need 2 turns to do this, with the “Rage out” it’s only in 1 turn and even worst because he can breaks shields (unlike Indom and Erlidom).

It same. You press cloak and next turn you do some rampage = 4x damage.
Rage out - you waiting 1 turn and do it next turn. Rage out can be reduce(instant distraction, …)
In the game cloak have only immunity dinos

Are you sure you’re not confusing nullification with destroying shields?
Back when it was released, Ankylocodon’s shields couldn’t be destroyed, because it was immune. But they could still be nullified.

That’s not what they mean.

You see, each partial Immunity is a part of the passive “Immunity”. So no creature can be Immune to something that a fully Immune creature isn’t Immune to.

If you introduced Immunity to Nullification, all fully Immune dinos would get it, and suddenly the whole game would be unbalanced.

The only way to avoid that would be to remove full Immunity from the game completely.

On Escape Slow wouldn’t work. All On Escape abilities either buff the user or debuff the target.
If it affects the dino that comes in, it’s no longer an On Escape ability.